CCT Rail Corridor

The Central California Traction Company (CCT) was established  in 1905 and is presently owned by Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe.  The CCT railway initially operated as a streetcar system for the City of Stockton and grew to serve passengers and freight between Stockton and Sacramento.  Visit the History page for more information.  The CCT rail corridor is still active between Stockton and Lodi, but the line from Lodi to Sacramento has not been in service since 1998. The primary owner of the corridor, Union Pacific Railroad, is presently considering if the CCT corridor has an operational value to the company.  CVRTF, and their partner Trust for Public Land, stand ready to facilitate the purchase of the property when the railroad companies decide that the sale of the corridor will be in their best interest.

The High Speed Rail Authority remains interested in the CCT corridor as a back-up route for the Sacramento to Stockton segment (more information). Central Valley Rails to Trails is not opposed to the High Speed Rail Project, however, we are on record as having an interest in the CCT Corridor for conversion into a community trail.  Click here to review the important Scoping Report that outlines the project between Sacramento and Merced, and includes comments from interested agencies, organizations and impacted residents.  Search on “CCT” and you will find all of the references to the CCT corridor.  View the Final Program EIR/EIS that describes reasons to select the existing UPRR Freight Corridor over the CCT for the Sacramento to Stockton segment.

In the meantime, the CCT corridor has been used to warehouse unused rail cars.  From the Power Inn industrial area through the Vineyard community, and throughout the Lodi wine region, hundreds of rail cars  were parked in front of homes and businesses, causing concerns for adjacent businesses, schools and residents.   Fortunately, the cars are starting to be moved, so we hope this is a sign of a better economy and the possibility of renewed interest on the part of Union Pacific in alternative uses to benefit the community.

The High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) has put the CCT corridor on their short list for a possible Sacramento to Stockton line. Since that time, CVRTF has kept the communities impacted informed of HSRA actions.

  • On November 10, 2004, High Speed Rail Authority staff recommended the Central California Traction Company Rail Corridor not be used for high speed rail service between Sacramento and Stockton. They cited several reasons for selecting the alternative UP corridor, including referring to “substantial community opposition to placing the HST (High Speed Train) system on the CCT alignment”.
  • In the October 2005 final report to the Board, (page 32) staff left the CCT option open calling for “further evaluation” should their first option have too many environmental impact issues.
  • Now the CCT is listed in the 2010 Scoping Report as a potential segment between Sacramento and Stockton. CVRTF hosted a forum with representatives of HSR on July 6, 2010 in Elk Grove, and later held a community meeting with a representative of Union Pacific Railroad.
  • Representatives of the High Speed Rail Sacramento to Merced Segment  team met with CVRTF in November of 2012 and confirmed that the CCT corridor would be studied as a possible HSR segment  starting in 2015.

Comment Button2CVRTF hosted an event on July 8, 2014 to provide an update for impacted communities on the HSR project.

The community meeting featured Ben Tripousis, a representative of High Speed Rail Authority, who briefed over 100 community members on the status of selecting a corridor for the Sacramento to Stockton segment.

A coalition is being formed consisting of residential and community organizations in the vicinity of the CCT Rail Corridor
More forums will be organized in other locations in the future.  If you wish to be notified, or have an organization that would like to join the coalition, please contact