Update on High Speed Rail Presented at Annual Meeting

Posted on January 30, 2016 in Featured, High Speed Rail, Latest News

Message from CVRTF President Patricia Baker

“I received an email from Annie Parker, Information Officer II from the California High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA), Sacramento Office in response to questions that were asked during the Annual Central Valley Rails to Trails (CVRTF) meeting on January 19, 2016.

In addition, Lisa Marie Alley provided the group that evening with information on the latest high-speed rail program. At this time, they cannot predict the timing for studies on the CCT Corridor. Ms. Alley encouraged us all to stay in touch with them on any HSR matters and or questions that come to mind in the future. Use this link to leave your comments.

Ms. Parker wanted to follow up with one of the questions asked about whether the high-speed rail will run on AC or DC current. It was confirmed by Ms. Parker, based on information from one of the engineers on the project, that AC power will be used to power the traction supply system. If anyone would like additional information about how that will work, they do have a Technical Memorandum on their website that explains this in greater detail. That information is available at this link.

There were several questions from the group about the Authority’s renewable energy policy. Ms. Parker attached a presentation that was given to their Board of Directors on January 12 by the California Energy Commissioner David Hochschild. It provides a good overview of what they are doing in relation to renewable energy and how HSR will achieve those goals.

View this link for the Renewable Energy report, which is a six page pdf file.

Finally, Ms. Parker said not to hesitate to contact her with any further questions.”

Many thanks to all who attended this standing room only Annual Meeting, in particular, thanks to Assemblyman Ken Cooley, Supervisor Don Nottoli, and the High Speed Rail Authority Representatives for providing an update on the possible use of the CCT Rail Corridor. More information and pictures will be posted soon!

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